Friday, May 17, 2013

Mentors: thoughts from the gym

After reading Start by John Acuff, I'm inspired to try to post more thoughts on being Catholic, especially as a youth minister, here.  I'm also trying to find more hours in the day by being productive with the ones I have.  In an effort to combine those two things, here are some thoughts I had after reading Sheryl Sandberg's chapter on Mentors from Lean In:

Currently reading "lean in" by Sheryl Sandberg and just finished her chapter on mentors.  Great advice about not awkwardly asking for someone to mentor you, but asking pointed questions to those you respect.  I think, in youth ministry, we need more of this happening.  I've been blessed to have people that have been tremendous help to me- especially those who are not close friends who I'd regularly have coffee with but those who are more my senior in experience who have given me necessary- and difficult- advice in a single call, e-mail or conversation.  I think I thought a mentor was supposed to turn into a "BFF", and maybe I was doing it wrong, but Sandberg clarifies that not all relationships need to involve hours of sharing.  Valuable perspective.

Sandberg suggests in the next chapter that showing emotion in the work place is authenticity.  Not sure ill ever be down with crying in the work place.  

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