Sunday, December 8, 2013



It’s like shark week.  But better.  The brainchild of the amazing Katie Prejean, this year anyone can join in on this social-media meets spirituality challenge to reflect on what it means to be a sheep.  

“The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.” 
-Psalm 23:1
Here’s how it works:
  1. Personalize your sheep (print out the graphic above and give it your own flair:  bedazzle, duct tape, a stache…  whatever works for you).  Carry your sheep with you for the week!
  2.  Follow the hashtag #SheepWeek13 on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and share photos of you doing the challenges with your sheep.  
  3. Take the following challenges for each day of the week and share a picture of you doing them (with your sheep):
    • Tuesday, December 10:  Spend some time with Jesus (adoration if you can)
    • Wednesday, December 11:  Give something away to someone in need.
    • Thursday, December 12:  Do something something nice for your parents (but don't tell them what it is ;-)
    • Friday, December 13:  Pray for our shepherds.  The Pope, our Priests, Bishops, Deacons and Seminarians.  Write a note to your pastor (or another shepherd in your life) to say "thank you" for their leadership.
    • Saturday, December 14:  Go to confession!
    • Sunday, December 15:  Wear pink to mass and take a #SelfieSunday with you and your sheep swag!  Share a moment of joy from the week.
    • Monday, December 15:  Be a shepherd for others and pray with someone.

Learn from teens (and adults) across the country on how they share what it means to follow Christ, our Shepherd.

Don't Forget to use the hashtag #SheepWeek13 & #SheepWeek2013.

Follow @KatiePrejean, @alisongriz, @cribbs, @perpetualmin, @OLQHTeens, @StCelesTEENS to see what others are doing!  Feel free to share your twitter handle in the comments so others can find you!