Friday, March 23, 2012


When my friend Anne was teaching English to some spunky Creole girls in Belize, she admonished Sandy Jones, one of the feistiest students in her class.  Sandy turned around and glared at mild-mannered Anne, an English Literature major from Boston who thought nothing of offering a bit of correction.  Sandy's eyes narrowed and she growled (in a tone that would haunt Anne for the rest of the semester and her adult life) "Miss...  You have ignited the wrong flame."  

Anne admitted that while she did not know what exactly that meant, it terrified her.  She learned soon enough that Sandy and her friends would make her life miserable-- talking back, questioning assignments, trying her patience in every way and tormenting subs to the point that no one would cover her class.  While she stood by her initial decision, she learned that she had, indeed "ignited the wrong flame".

Today, in over 140 cities nationwide, there will be rallies to stand up for religious freedom.  The hope is that our President and Congress will see that with the HHS Mandate-- forcing Catholics to violate their consciences and pay for contraception, sterilization and abortions-- they have ignited the wrong flame.  We will speak up, act up and-- if necessary-- resort to civil disobedience-- before we disobey our God.  

We have a cloud of witnesses-- a tradition of over 2000 years of saints and martyrs who have risked their reputations and shed their blood -- and have led us to this moment by their example.  Truth does not change, whether it's accepted and practiced by 100% or .01% of the population. 

Mr. President, you have ignited the wrong flame.  

If you're like me and unable to attend the rallies due to distance or work, do the following:
Share this fact sheet with your friends, explain that this is not a birth control issue, it's a liberty issue.
Call your congress person at the Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121 and ask them to overturn the HHS Mandate.
Register to vote and vote for a president who will allow us to be Catholic.

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  1. Thank you for that fact sheet! A friend of mine has discovered that one can also send a letter (snail mail, of course, we don't want it to be too convenient, now, do we...)objecting to or just generally commenting on the mandate for the next 90 days (90 days from the March 16 announcement of the "accommodation", that is). She provided a very calm, charitable, succinct format that one can just print out and sign. I will email it to you. Another of my friends (and by "my friends", I am referring to alumnae of Thomas Aquinas College in California) printed out multiple copies of this letter, and provided addressed, stamped envelopes, to hand out at the rallies for attendees to sign and mail. I will be bringing them to my parish this week, and sending them to the other parishes in my area of California (while we have MANY parishes in a relatively small area, we did not have our own rally...Lord Have Mercy). Will you please help spread the word?