Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my lunch...

This has little to do with anything I normally write about, but my roommate Danielle made these sandwiches a few weeks ago and they've so dramatically changed my life-- I mean, honestly, somewhere between discovering The Catechism of the Catholic Church and The Middle in order of how much I appreciate her introducing me to this concept.  Great for Fridays with Team Catholic when you're tired of tuna, because they're vegetarian AND if you're like me and don't shop that often, it's all ingredients that you can buy in small portions OR keep in your fridge for a while without going bad.  So here they are...

Danielle's Amazing Veggie Sandwiches


some sort of bread product (I'm a fan of pita bread, but regular sliced bread, english muffins, flat bread, anything substantial enough will work)
cream cheese (whatever your preference is-- all fat, no fat or somewhere in the middle)
cucumber (I like to slice them horizontally-- they fit better on a sandwich that way.  But I'm not a control freak, telling you how to slice veggies or anything...)

Spread hummus on one piece of bread and cream cheese on the other.  Pile the tomato slices, cucumbers and spinach in the middle.  For variation try avocados.

The beauty of it is that the hummus and cream cheese are such a great protein combo, it really stays with you all day.

And that was my lunch.

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