Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I don't know about the rest of you all, but I find summers in youth ministry to be the equivalent to Christmas in retail...  The Triduum for Liturgists...  Finals week for College students...  You get the idea...  So, so much to do in so little time.

While blogging inevitably suffers, I'm still writing for The Catholic Miscellany and The Island Packet
(and, to demonstrate my diversity, even interviewed Chris Butler and Josh Barrett for the Hilton Head Monthly) so here's links to the latest columns:

"Confession Helps the Bullied, Too" (from The Miscellany)
"Messages about who we are apparent in Everything" (from The Bluffton Packet)
"Teaching modesty about much more than clothing" (from The Bluffton Packet)
"Summertime worship critical for children, teens" (From the Bluffton Packet)

Also, check out my Teen Tips and Parent Tips at Family Honor.  It contains advice for teens and parents on issues like the internet, media and health issues.

Stay cool!

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