Tuesday, January 11, 2011

pour me some kool aid...

In addition to the day that apparently, the entire  country is shut down due to serious and not so serious threats of snow, is is also the day that *eyebrows up with anticipation* verizon announces it will be getting the iPhone.  I find this exciting.  If you know me, you know that I have a love-hate relationship with the iPhone--  totally in awe of it's powers yet disgusted with AT&T's dismal coverage in my town.  So bad, in fact, that when my friend LD comes to visit we've actually missed entire evenings of socializing because I haven't been able to track her down via phone.  AT&T just doesn't work.  Bryan Murdaugh can offer similar stories of being on Hilton Head and getting schooled in a google contest by my blackberry when the 3G failed.  Constantly.

To clarify, I have never hated the iPhone.  I have hated AT&T for monopolizing it.  I've hated Verizon for firing Chad and keeping their creepy network guy.  (I have explained this to the Verizon employees who have patiently listened to me share how I felt like I could trust Chad, and this new guy is creepy...  They have humored me, agreeing, "yeah, he looks like he drives a van.")  I am sure that Chad,were he still around, would've gotten the iPhone a long time ago.  But that's another story.

Verizon, despite their superior coverage in SC, constantly disappoints.  Their plans stink.  They didn't get the Blackberry Torch.  They got rid of Chad...  I honestly liken Verizon to an abusive relationship that I can just not afford to loose because despite taking my money and rewarding me with an inferior phone, it is a phone that works in every pocket of the state.  That's why I'm not holding my breath that in 82 minutes they will, literally, fulfill all of my hopes and dreams (when it comes to phones, anyways) of being able to play angry birds, words with friends and log my non-existent runs on #runkeeper.

But, if they do...  I'm eligible for an upgrade in March...  and I feel as though I should be waiting with a glass of kool-aid at 11:00 a.m., ready to toast to the end of my days as a blackberry outcast and join your cult.

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